illustration design


I love mixing up color palates and experimenting with different mediums for sure. It all started while growing up in the 70's, surrounded by hippies, artists and music. I was always fascinated by album covers & pop-culture, which ended up paving my path at an early age to becoming a designer & illustrator.

I'm currently on a mid-century kick as I'm sure you've noticed. The organic whimsy with lines and wild but neutral toned color palate are really exciting to juxtapose with wood. I don't really have a set style, as with my design I like to play and find happy surprises or put it in file 13.

Aspiration - pastels & digital

Passion - pastels & digital

Frustration - pastels & digital

Serenity - pastels & digital

Fear - pastels & digital

Foot Candy - ink & pencil on wood

Into the Wilds - pencil

Emperor Dragon: pastel & digital, etched glass

Don't Give a F*ck - ink on wood

Accident - oil paint

Sleep - ink & pencil on wood

Pandora's Box - pastels

Bloom - digital

Sharon's Song: ink & pencil on wood

Always the Comedian - charcoal

Underneath - ink & pencil on wood

The Long Journey - digital

Kabooki - laser burned veneer inlay

Still Life - pastels

Junkyard Treasure - ink & pencil on wood

Dearest Dreamer - ink & pencil on wood

Furious little beast beneath
Eyes wild, captured, contained
Dare you try and escape, No
Remain in your cage flittering
Ramming your head against my mind
This is where you live now
Mine and mine alone.
My raging spirit
My dearest dreamer

Flesh & Fabric - pencil

Tattoo Flash - pastels

Finn of the Highland Moors - ink on wood

Dragonfly - laser burned veneer inlay

Event Poster

Still Life - pastels

Hidden Gem - pastel sketch

Self Portrait - pastels